The Different Types of Ketosis

When carbohydrates in the body are not enough, the body begins to burn fat for energy. This metabolic process is referred to as ketosis. Ketosis has inspired diets that help in burning fats in the body. These diets are known are ketogenic diets. These diets are comprised of low amounts of carbohydrate in the food that is eaten. Low-carb diets have been faced with controversy. Lack of carbs in the diet means the meal for ketogenic diets is replaced with high fats. The high-fat content makes most assert that it leads to higher cholesterol in the body which is bad for health. However, scientific studies have shown that ketogenic diets are healthy and beneficial. Other than nutritional ketosis that comes from taking a low carb diet, there are other types of ketosis. This article will be discussing the different types of ketosis.

There is ketosis that arises from fasting. Fasting has been around for many centuries. While many people tend to disapprove, fasting is very healthy. Not all fasting results in ketosis. While shorter fast many at times bring about ketosis, fasting for a longer duration of time is ideal in ketosis. During fasting, the glucose that is stored in the body is burnt down. When this happens, the body starts burning more fats. In turn, more ketones are produced. Fasting ketosis is beneficial in treating obesity. Fasting ketosis has played a big part in the study of ketogenic diets. Learn more about ketogenic diet by visiting dietary fiber keto near you.

The most common form of ketosis is nutritional ketosis. This form of ketosis arises due to changes in the diet. Nutritional ketosis can be achieved using three methods; low-card diets, supplemental ketosis, and alcohol ketosis. Ketogenic diets as mentioned above are comprised of low-carb foods. With a ketogenic diet, higher ketosis is achieved as more ketones are generated in the body. A ketogenic diet typically comprises of low carbs, high fat, and moderate protein. Supplemental ketosis is another way to achieve nutritional ketosis. Maintaining a low-carb diet can be difficult to achieve. Supplemental ketosis is useful in this case. Here ketosis is achieved by taking supplements. Supplements are usually comprised of medium-chain triglycerides or exogenous ketones.

As the name suggests, alcohol ketosis arises from alcohol consumption. This form of ketosis occurs to people who regularly drink alcohol. It is also common in people who are malnourished and still drink alcohol. Alcohol ketosis occurs due to the drastic increase in ketones in the body due to alcohol consumption and this results in an acidic environment. These are the different types of ketosis. View more on this website.

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